Cooking school

My daughter loves to cook. She however never gets to because her cooking means huge mess for me to clean. But i have decided to get over myself and let her learn. Its far more important for her to have this experience as a young lady than it is for me to worry about a big to do per say.  So here we are her first lesson - carrot cupcakes. She did such a wonderful job.

She worked so hard not to get the shells in, and she didn't get any in the mix.

She decorated all her own cupcakes. It was important to her to get every cupcake to her perfection.

I have to say this girl gets her love of color from her mama. I will try to add color to anything. The one to the bottom left is a special made cupcake decoration just for her daddy this is his birthday week. In our house we get to celebrate for a week, it only comes once a year so we am getting as much out of it as we can. This concept caught on quick with the children especially.

I am partial but I think she is beautiful! And her cupcakes we so yummy!

Have an awesome week!


Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of july, with lots of good food and fireworks. We are under a burn ban so we will be headed out to watch them on the water tonight, instead of doing them ourselves. 

And of course grilling out, because whats a 4th celebration without grilling. Enjoy!


Crafty runs in my blood

I love making crafts. I brings me to life somehow. I get on a roll and make tons of stuff, then i get over it and don't make anything for a week or so. Well I am itching to make some new stuff. I want to share my inspiration with you all.   Like........

And one more.....

What projects are you up to lately? I have a lot going on right now with my family and summer time. It's a full time job trying to keep three kids busy. I am wanting to try one of the linky partys here any advice for me on how to get started. How do you make a button for people to grab? 

Have an awesome day!



I am in total love with Pinterest. This place is amazing. I am pinning everything that I love.

You have to be invited to participate in this amazing place. SO I am giving away 4 invites to of course 4 lovely commenters! Because I want to share the love with you all. I'm sweet like that, just don't tell my husband i am sweet. : ) Just kidding.

Here are some of my pin's. 1, 2, 3, 4. Just a few of the things I love.

Something else.....

My aunt painted this wonderful little picture for my many moons ago. And my mom has been carrying it around from house to house for me for all these years. Well it made it to my house just a few weeks ago, and now my daughter has it. She gets something that was made special for me as a child.

Please excuse my photography skills on this one it was a dark room.

My aunt also made me a sweet little tea cup when I was two, and just a few years ago I was reunited with it also. Such precious little gems to me. I love handmade items and especially ones made just for me. I am a sentimental sap.

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to comment for a Pinterest invite.
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